Spa Day is on hiatus until further notice. As, some of you may already know, we are currently moving forward with our enhancement and expansion plan into new geographical areas, and the services we offer and provide in conjunction with our parent company, Empire Management. We are taking the time to restructure and streamline our business so we can start fresh in the next chapter.

The phenomenal growth and expansion we experienced over the last two years has brought us to a place of gratitude for having the opportunity to collaborate with you. We are changing our model to reflect the request of those who have attended Spa Day in the past.

In order to provide an opportunity for exposure all year long and not just one a quarter, we look forward to speaking with you to find out how we can best support your marketing and exposure efforts. In this way, we are providing healthy alternatives to your prospect base all year long and not just during a Spa Day event. If this is something that you are interested in for your growing business please contact us.

Stay connected with us and check out the resources and to read about new developments and events.


The Spa Day Team